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Aboriginal Curriculum

Media release: Indigenous perspectives form new learning foundations

Strategic Goal

The strategic goal as outlined in section 2 of the Strategic Plan of Aboriginal Engagement (SPAE) is that the University of Tasmania, across schools and disciplines, be known for its delivery of high-quality Indigenous curricula. These curricula reinforce the values of Indigenous, especially Aboriginal, knowledge systems and Indigenous scholarship. That the University of Tasmania creates a distinctive student experience through engagement with a broad range of scholarship based on Indigenous content and graduates culturally competent students across a variety of Indigenous cultural settings.

Performance Indicator

Annual evaluation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related curricula at the University of Tasmania is undertaken to confirm progress in the embedding of Indigenous contact across courses and disciplines. This content needs to demonstrate a focus on excellence, be reflective of Indigenous scholarship, knowledge and perspectives and is available in some formats, to all under-graduate students over the course of their studies.

Aboriginal Higher Education Advisor

The Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) employs an Aboriginal Higher Education Advisor to provide institutional leadership in the development of curriculum encompassing Aboriginal issues across the whole of the University, including training for staff and students in cultural awareness and related issues. The position has a key strategic role in effective development and delivery of whole-of-university strategy and associated initiatives in curriculum development related to Aboriginal knowledge and values, within the broader context of the Learning and Teaching strategic plan and Social Inclusion plan.

The Aboriginal Higher Education Advisor engages with the Aboriginal communities in Tasmania at a senior level to foster community input into, the University. The Advisor also provides strategic advice on Aboriginal issues to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education) and is a member of the Division of Students and Education Management Team. Contributing at a national level to Aboriginal issues through research, teaching, and/or scholarship is seen as crucial to this role.

For more information

For further information regarding Aboriginal Curriculum and staff and student training in cultural awareness and related issues at the University of Tasmania please contact:

Associate Professor Clair Andersen
Telephone: +61 3 6226 2517

Dr. Michael Guerzoni
Telephone: 62265574