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Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement 2021-2024

Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement 2021-2024 () PDF 5.3 MB

The University of Tasmania's Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement (SPAE) was originally developed in 2017 with extensive guidance from an Aboriginal community steering group. During 2020, a systematic review of the Plan was undertaken to measure performance outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement. The 2021-2024 iteration of the Plan maintains the highly successful framework of the original document, ensuring a consistent vision and approach to the delivery of Indigenous student services and a range of higher education initiatives across the University.

Our Plan enacts the University's commitment to revitalise and embed its relationship with Indigenous people, communities, culture and knowledges from across Australia. The Plan aims to positively impact Aboriginal engagement, enrolment, academic success, research, cultural awareness and safety, employment, and governance. Implementation of the Plan is a shared responsibility of Colleges, Schools and Divisions across the University and is led by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Aboriginal Leadership, with the support of the Riawunna Centre. Strong Aboriginal engagement contributes significantly to the breadth of the University's social, intellectual and cultural diversity.

Aligning with the University of Tasmania Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF 2.5 MB), and the University of Tasmania Aboriginal Employment Plan 2021-2024 (PDF 1.9 MB), the 2021-2024 SPAE contributes to the acknowledgement and respect of our deep Aboriginal history, diverse knowledges and enduring presence to the University's distinctive sense of place and belonging. The Plan is essential in focusing the teaching, learning and research capability of the University of Tasmania on developing Aboriginal social, cultural, intellectual and economic capacity in Tasmania and across Australia. By guiding the development of Action Plans across our University portfolios, the Plan will embed Aboriginal student and community success as core business for the University of Tasmania.

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