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Strategic Plan of Aboriginal Engagement

With the 2017-2020 SPAE  concluding at the end of last year, the next interaction (2021-24 SPAE) is being finalised, and will be live in July 2021.

The University of Tasmania's Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement (SPAE) 2017-2020 enacts the University's commitment to revitalise and embed its relationship with Aboriginal people, communities, culture and knowledge. The plan spans all areas of operation of the University and will be implemented in partnership with Tasmanian Aboriginal students, scholars and community. Stronger Aboriginal engagement contributes significantly to the breadth of the University's social, intellectual and cultural diversity.

The Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement aligns with the University's Open to Talent Strategic Plan – 2012 Onwards. It enhances the Open to Talent Vision, contributing Aboriginal deep history, knowledges and contemporary presence to the University's distinctive sense of Tasmanian belonging and identity and fosters Aboriginal social, cultural, intellectual and economic capacity. The Plan contributes to the Open to Talent Mission by foregrounding the University's Aboriginal cultural, intellectual and community relationships in how we 'be' the University of Tasmania and adds the strength of Aboriginal cultural values to the Open to Talent Values.

Download the Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement (PDF 1.9 MB)