Mobile Interactive Learning Environment Truck

The MILE Truck travels across Tasmania to support communities around the State to experience the people and work of the University.

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University of Tasmania MILE truck gets a facelift

The MILE Truck provides students in school with a range of engaging educational experiences, encouraging curiosity, and building confidence to pursue their aspirations.

The MILE truck aims to address this by bringing the excitement directly to the students, ensuring that all Tasmanian students have equal exposure to innovative technology and pedagogy. We welcome connection with communities and industry to explore relevant activities led by enthusiastic and passionate leaders from the University of Tasmania.

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Study areas

  • Business: Sports science, sport and recreation
  • Behavioural Economics: projects
  • Science: Aquaculture , fermentation
  • Technology: VR headsets
  • Agribusiness: Cheese making, drone, drawing, value chain
  • Applied Health & Community Support: Food safety, personal diet, bacteria
  • Design: Digital design, design thinking

Secondary school students will have the opportunity choose from a wide variety of topics relating to various fields of study to conduct their own scientific inquiry and present a solution to a problem. These topics will fall under two distinct categories, science inquiry projects and technology projects.

The science inquiry projects will follow the scientific method and help students gain an understanding of how to:

  • choose their own topic for inquiry
  • plan and conduct their investigation
  • record ideas and work completed
  • process and analyse their experimental data
  • evaluate and reflect on their achievements
  • communicate their findings

The technology projects will follow the engineering design process and help students gain an understanding of how to:

  • investigate solutions
  • devise a proposal for the best solution
  • plan and carry out production
  • evaluate impacts and processes
  • record ideas and work completed

These inquiries will be designed to enable both primary and secondary students to utilise the equipment and expertise contained on the truck. The technology will be used to conduct experiments and analyse data. We will also endeavour to connect with localised industry partners and scientists to work as mentors throughout the week offering unique insight into the STEM opportunities and achievements in each location.

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