Say yes to the Uni city move.

Consolidating the Uni into the city

The University must invest in new facilities so it can provide the best possible education and research for current and future generations.

We’re consolidating our presence in Hobart’s CBD for a range of reasons, but the most important is this: it’ll make it easier for more Tasmanians to access higher education.

It will also:

  • Place students closer to work opportunities. The average age of University of Tasmania students is 32 years and 8 out of 10 are working as well as studying.
  • Unify the University’s southern campus. Today, 4 in 10 Hobart-based students already study in the city and consolidating all students and staff into the city will bring the University together in a total area comprising just 4% of the CBD.
  • Add vibrancy to the CBD. The campus will revitalise long-empty buildings and vacant spaces.
  • Support local businesses. Staff are forecast to spend $15 million a year.
  • Reduce Hobart traffic by 425 cars a day. Staff and students based in the city drive less and new CBD parking spaces will be added.
  • Help green the city. New parks will be incorporated into the facilities.
  • Allow much greater community access. University facilities like libraries and event spaces will be centrally located and open to the public.
  • Improve environmental sustainability. A campus that is easier to access, constructed with less concrete and uses less energy is a good thing for our climate.

Saying yes to the University city move will help every student and staff member be their best and help make our wonderful city of Hobart even stronger.

The Urban Design Framework

The University, with input from the community, has already prepared an Urban Design Framework for its city campus that includes a high-level master plan. It includes four enduring principles that will guide the move into the city:

  1. The Place Principle – Enhancing the distinctive natural and human qualities of nipaluna/Hobart
  2. The Sustainability Principle – Bringing nature into the city as an integral part of a sustainable campus
  3. The Accessibility Principle – Creating a highly accessible campus that enhances connections across the city and from the Southern Region
  4. The Community Principle – Creating an inviting heart to a connected series of University and city communities

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