School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

The University of Tasmania School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology has a proud history of excellence in teaching and research for over 50 years. We provide one of the most comprehensive Bachelor programs in the world and continue to be a global leader in pharmacy practice research and medication safety.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is vitally important to the Tasmanian community. We are uniquely placed to work closely with local health systems throughout Tasmania, providing strong student outcomes by training the next generation of pharmacists that will make direct and positive impacts on the health of our local communities and beyond. We also offer a range of postgraduate coursework programs and undertake internationally leading research in a variety of drug sciences, from patient centred care in community and hospital pharmacy through to laboratory based pharmacology and drug development research, that is helping to shape this exciting and evolving industry.

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The School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is focused on medication safety, encompassing both clinical and laboratory research to improve our understanding of how drugs work, improve how existing drugs are used in practice, and the development of new drugs.

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