Barbara Warren

Join us for a FREE Conference Warm-up Session with Barbara Warren.

Thursday 10th November 3pm – 5pm
Cradle Coast Campus, Burnie, Tasmania

The fact that your pre conference workshop presenter has a background in performing arts, will give you the first clue as to how she is going to approach a session on “How to address others Articulately, Artfully and Authentically”.

Barbara Warren is the Director of Dramatic Difference Training and her experience spans Theatre, Film, TV, Education and Business.

If you are a bit curious about her I can tell you she is a theatre director, a presentation skills coach, a business owner, a four times New York marathoner, a keen surfer (she tells me she surfs everyday...but probably not in Devonport) and she is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning.

Barbara combines her deep love for sport and her background in professional theatre to coach executives, managers and teams to work with energy and passion and strive for clear authentic communication practice.

So get ready to switch your headlights on and keep your antennas up (Barb will explain what that means…)and join us for a great energiser before we get down to business at the conference.