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Be programmed for greatness

Tech savvy? We're the University for you.

If you’re into computers, gaming and coding, there was a time when people might have called you…a nerd. But that was before the internet changed everything.

The internet, smartphones and apps have transformed how we watch TV, socialise, and shop…even how we order food.

And the tech industries have great careers for analytical and creative thinkers.

If you’re into computing, here’s why the University of Tasmania’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology is the best place for you to study.

All of the big topics are covered in our Information and Communication technology course

You can choose from units including E-Health, Animation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing,

Plus, you get more than just technical skills, you become and ICT Professional. Advanced units in topic such as Project Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation, mean when you make your product, you’ll know to promote and sell it.

We have a whole major devoted to game development

Seriously. Our Games Technology major gives you the chance to channel your passion for gaming into a degree, and a great career.You’ll learn skills that are essential for the game designer, like 2D and 3D modelling, using level editing tools, and scripting.

Our students and staff work together to commercialise real games

A team from the University of Tasmania produced the State’s FIRST home-grown PlayStation®4 game, Party Golf. Developed by staff and students from the University’s Games Research group (trading as Giant Margarita) Party Golf was born during a 48-hour game jam. If you’re inspired to create your own app or game, we’ll give you the support and expertise to reach for the stars.

There’s a bunch of exciting careers waiting for you

Technology is the foundation on which the jobs of the future are built. Almost every industry relies on computing and IT in some way. Whether it’s health, finance, or education, our degrees will give you the skills to meet the demands of the industry. You might design the next generation of hospital management software, become a business analyst, work at the cutting edge of finance as a crypto-currency trader, or run your own start-up. The possibilities are endless.

Could you be the next Zuckerberg? Apply now to study Computing and IT.