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Why Tasmania gives you an excellent health education

A healthy amount of experience while you study.

At the heart of it, working in health is about changing lives: delivering babies, administering CPR, performing life-saving surgery and providing comfort for people in pain.

It takes a special person to devote their studies to caring for others. If this is you, congratulations: you’re meant to work in health!

The health sector in Australia is growing rapidly, and our courses are designed to keep up with what employers need. Our lecturers have excellent expertise in their subject areas and they’re active in all areas of medical research. That means you’ll get the right education, expertise and experience to become the best health practitioner you can be. 

Here’s why the University of Tasmania is a great place to study health.

Real, practical experience

We believe experience is really important for your future career-not to mention how much it enriches your study experience. Our Paramedic Practice students use a real ambulance to practice their skills, and our Medicine students have the benefit of placements in smaller, rural communities, meaning they get to do more of the real hands-on work of medicine, giving them an edge over students from other unis.

Incredible facilities

Our amazing Medical Science Precinct in the Hobart CBD is a purpose-built, multi-million dollar health hub where our Medicine, Nursing, and Paramedic students study alongside world-leading medical researchers. The facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories, simulated hospital rooms, and simulated patients. 

Excellent employment outcomes

Our Pharmacy graduates are in high demand in the industry, and their graduate employment rates are excellent. Our combination of great teaching, real experience and expert researchers teaching our courses means you’ll be in just the right position to work here or anywhere in the world! 

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