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5 ways a PhD will enhance your career

Studying for a PhD is a significant venture for any student, but for many, it’s the next step to a more-rewarding career.

1. You will develop specialist technical skills.

Studying for a PhD fosters new research skills that enable you to explore your thesis topic deeply with specialised insight. You will be mentored by an accomplished researcher in your field – they are responsible for supervising your research project and can share the benefits of their own experience and knowledge.

2. You will develop transferrable soft skills.

The development of soft skills, like those needed for project management or teamwork situations, plays a critical part in the success of your research. Your soft skills can complement your technical abilities and will provide an excellent platform of transferrable skills suitable for your future career, post-PhD, whether in research or any other field.

3. Your PhD will elevate your career opportunities.

Across a wide range of fields and industries, a PhD qualification is necessary to work in advanced positions. One of the greatest benefits of a PhD is that it opens doors to career opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

4. You will build professional networks through your research.

While studying for your PhD, you will connect with staff and peers within the University and external to the Institution. These professional networks will be beneficial during your research degree and will establish possible future connections for your post-PhD career.

5. You will contribute new knowledge to the field you're passionate about.

Above all else, the purpose of studying for a PhD is to advance the knowledge in your chosen field. The results of your original research can have wide-reaching benefits, not only for your own career, but also for the wider local, national, and international community.

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