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Fighting the good fight

Danny Sutton is working to reduce Tasmania’s homelessness.

As CEO of Colony 47, – a charity organisation that helps out over 20,000 Tasmanian children every year – Danny Sutton’s role is based around helping those who need it most.

It’s a place where you can make a difference.

“We work with people that are homeless, and we do a lot of work with young people as well.”

“If you look at the community at the moment, they’re probably two of the more disadvantaged groups.”  

While he might be making a difference in the community sector now, Danny’s had a diverse range of job across his working life, including stints in government, agriculture, social services, IT, utilities and journalism.

Danny credits his time at the University of Tasmania for helping him develop not only the technical skills, but the life skills needed to succeed to his varied roles.

“When I did my arts degree there was a lot of breadth in it,” explains Danny

I did a bit of psychology, I did a bit of geography, I did a bit of politics, and it was like this process of discovery.

University teaches you to be inquisitive and not accept the answers – I think those are important things to have.

“The technical skills are critical, but it’s also important to learn about life and how you’re going to survive out there.”

“It’s an opportunity to discover yourself and who you are and what you want to achieve.”

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