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Tasmanian Engineering Students Build an Electric Race Car

Tasmanian Engineering Students Build an Electric Race Car for National Formula Society of Automotive Engineers competition.

The University of Tasmania Motorsport team is a student-driven Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team comprised of engineering students, as well as students from other disciplines such as business and media.

The University of Tasmania Motorsport Team has transitioned from petrol-powered car to electric racing car. The transition to electric vehicles was not only a smart financial decision, it also took into consideration emerging trends in the motor vehicle industry.

Jason Ali-Lavroff, who is the project supervisor and Senior Engineering Lecturer at the University, believes electric vehicles will occupy an important position in the future automotive market. 

Talking about the future of transportation and electric vehicles, I think we’ll see more electric vehicles on the road. We’ll see it start to enter the global market, which will certainly affect the Tasmanian market.

This transition was a challenging project that provided an outstanding learning experience for all students involved.

The entire process requires knowledge in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Communication and programming also play an important role.

The program allows undergraduate students to develop their technical and practical skills in engineering project management. Among the students who have participated in this project, some have entered great graduate programs and others have joined top racing teams.

The program also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that employers really value, such as interpersonal and time management skills.

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