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Become a world leader in health and medicine

Get out into the world to start your health and medicine career.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is only the first step to realising your career dreams.

Tasmania, Australia is a great place to begin your journey of becoming a health and medicine professional.

We offer unique opportunity to learn in a place that’s connected with community and committed to developing global leaders and researchers.

You’ll get to learn in our state-of-the-art facilities, alongside skilled practitioners. The team at our Medical School make a global difference. Their research has:

  •       Created an oxygen baby breather to help babies breathe ​
  •       Developed the Air Rater app to manage hay fever​
  •      Are world leaders in Multiple Sclerosis research

We have been producing highly skilled graduates for over 50 years. Studying with us, you’ll be mentored by academics and clinicians who are committed to your success. You’ll learn the science of medicine, integrated with clinical practice, population health, and the ethical and professional elements of practice.  

Our state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania.

The facilities available to medical students at the University of Tasmania are world-class, and the doctors that lecture and tutor us are genuinely interested in helping students learn.

Benjamin Dodds, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Whether your interest is with medicine, nursing, health sciences or pharmacy, we’ll get you started with professional experience placement and hands on learning. Not only will you learn from leading academics in their field of expertise, you’ll also learn from clinical experts in private and public settings.    

Your studies will lead you to become a highly capable intern, and will allow you to be successful in your future medical or health career.

If you’d like to take your new skills into the world, there are options such as the Canadian Pathway. This is available to any student aiming to pursue future training or a career in Canada, following graduation from their medical degree. 

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