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New education courses starting in Semester 1 2022

Gain more from your degree while at university by studying one of our new education courses.


From carefully planned double degrees to our accelerated 18-month Master of Teaching course, now is an ideal time to launch into your teaching career.

The Tasmanian education sector needs more teachers. Increasing student enrolments across Tasmanian Schools is driving demand for more graduates to enter the workforce. Teaching careers are also growing nationally with employment in the Education and Training industry projected to increase by 12.2 per cent over the next five years.*

Our new double degrees create a unique opportunity to complete a postgraduate teaching qualification at the same time as your bachelor’s degree. Postgraduate study increases your job opportunities. It also gives you an advantage when applying for senior teaching positions in the future.

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching

The University of Tasmania is one of few universities in Australia that offers a double degree combining Bachelor of Arts and Master of teaching. A Bachelor of Arts degree broadens your perspective by studying a major to incorporate into your teaching. This degree allows you to choose whether you teach at a primary or secondary school level. If you studied these degrees separately, it would take approximately 5 years. The double degree lets you graduate in just 4 years. It’s also one of the fastest ways to become a fully qualified secondary school teacher.

Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education

If you're thinking about becoming a primary school teacher, you should check out this double degree. Primary school teachers are generally qualified to teach from Prep through to Grade 6. Combining your studies with the Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education broadens the age levels you can teach. This means you’ll also be qualified to lead early learning experiences for children from birth to eight years of age. If you choose this study option, you’ll graduate with two degrees in just four years.

Accelerated Master of Teaching (18 months)

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree in arts, business, science or creative arts and want to start a teaching career, you should consider the Master of Teaching. This course builds on your prior knowledge and experience to become a fully qualified teacher. You'll complete the course in 18 months by studying units over winter, summer, and spring school. If you have a busy schedule and want more time to complete this course, you can study part-time and online.

All pre-service teaching degrees provide the opportunity for you to practice your teaching skills in a safe and supportive environment. Depending on the course you choose, you’ll undertake between 60 to 80 days of professional placement. Our Professional Experience Team will support you to find suitable pre-service teaching placements in Tasmania and other states of Australia.

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* ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024.