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Books, nature and connection to place in new city mural

Renowned street artist and University of Tasmania alumnus Jamin will bring a piece of the Hobart City campus alive with a stunning new piece of public art.


The University’s accommodation and learning precinct on Melville St will be enlivened by the major artwork, as further planned stages of work on a new laneway are completed.

Dr Benjamin Kluss, or Jamin, recently completed a PhD at the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts and Media.

He has produced large - and smaller - street art around Hobart and around the world.

With this work he will seek to capture a sense of curiosity and wonder, as well as a direct connection to place.

“There are particular references within the work – my daughter, the titles of books, depictions of landscape and native fauna – that embody this connection to place,” Jamin said.

“There is also a sense of mystery within the work, which I hope will encourage contemplation and meaning-making for each viewer in their own way.”

Street art that speaks to place and community was an integral part of the University’s Preliminary Urban Design Framework released last year.

“Hobart is a vibrant artistic city, with many forms and scales of art occurring across its various precincts,” the university’s Executive Director of Campus Transformation, Phil Leerson, said.

“The University wants to contribute to that aspect of the city while creating accessible and inclusive community spaces.

“We want to create a unique Hobart urban experience that encourages our staff, students and the community to come to the city and embrace its cultural assets.”

A development application was recently lodged for the artwork. If approved, it is expected to be completed in time for summer.

“Public art has a unique capacity to humanise constructed spaces, which I think contributes to a sense of belonging and wellbeing,” Jamin said.

The University is currently consulting with neighbouring businesses and other stakeholders on the potential for new COVID-safe seating and shelter in the laneway.

“This will bring more life to the city and help local traders, particularly those like my business selling food to students and CBD workers,” owner of Hejo’s and Mr Jianbing Tony He said.

The creation of the artwork has been facilitated by a partnership with Vibrance.