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Domino’s Group CEO hosts learning session with University of Tasmania scholarship recipients

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij recently hosted a virtual learning session with business and agriculture students from the University of Tasmania, who are recipients of scholarships from its registered charity, Give for Good.


The virtual learning session was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Mr Meij, who has led an inspiring and lengthy career at Domino’s, working his way up from Delivery Expert to Group CEO of the Company now operating in ten markets and over 3,000 stores. 

Having first joined Domino’s while he was studying at university himself, Mr Meij said he was honoured to have the opportunity to share some of his learnings with the Give for Good scholarship recipients. 

“The drive from these students to succeed in their studies and careers is very impressive, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share some of my learnings from my journey with them. I’m very proud of the role Domino’s registered charity Give for Good plays in helping young people achieve a higher education and am humbled to play a small part in this,” said Mr Meij.

University of Tasmania student Alice Baty, who is a recipient of a Give for Good Scholarship in Agriculture, said the session with Mr Meij was a great learning experience.

I really enjoyed getting to meet Don and hearing him explain his personal goals and challenges, including starting his business and leading a global company throughout the pandemic. 

“I really loved his piece of advice to take every opportunity you can and meet as many people as you can, as this will all help to build our own experiences and journeys.”

Fellow Give for Good Scholarship in Agriculture recipient, Georgia Griggs, was also grateful to attend the insightful virtual learning session with Mr Meij. 

“I think the thing that resonated with me the most was not letting the fear of failure prevent you from trying new and harder things. Also, that it's okay to experience some failures in your career but so long as you learn from them and admit to them then you'll grow from them. This especially resonated with me because I'm beginning to take on some more responsibilities at work and I'm feeling a bit of imposter syndrome as a graduate. 

“The work that Domino’s put into making sure their employees are as looked after as possible during the pandemic blew me away too. Additionally, Domino’s plans for incorporating disabled employees and their plans for sustainability? Phenomenal.”

Lesley Mitchell, a Give for Good Scholarship in Business recipient, also enjoyed the session, and Mr Meij’s passion for all he does. 

“What I enjoyed most was the way Don shared his journey and his enthusiasm for life with us. 

“I loved the way he seemed interested in our questions, and, as recipients of Give for Good scholarships, how he was happy to be speaking with us.”

Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good, is proud to partner with the University of Tasmania to offer a number of scholarships worth $160,000 for students from rural, regional or remote communities in the disciplines of Business and Agricultural Science.

Thanks to the generosity of Domino’s and Give for Good, another round of scholarships will be available for University of Tasmania students in Business and Agriculture in 2022.

On Wednesday, 9 February 2022, Domino’s will also be hosting their first-ever Domino’s for Good Day event to raise funds for their Give for Good charity, so they can continue to improve access to education in Australia. 

To learn more about Give for Good’s commitment to helping young people in rural and regional areas of Australia achieve higher education, please see here: