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Orchestrating a lifestyle change

Bachelor of Music student Sophia Mitchell discovered Hobart’s Hedberg was the ideal place to pursue her musical passion.

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Sophia Mitchell grew up in Sydney and described her decision to move to Hobart as leap of faith. And it is one she is extremely grateful she took.

Studying her Bachelor of Music (Classical Performance) at the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music, Sophia said she was strongly drawn to the idea of studying in Hobart and found the University’s Hedberg building in the CBD to be a great environment.

“I really like studying in Hobart because I’m a big fan of the surroundings and the national parks and the smaller scale of the city compared to Sydney,” she said.

“The Hedberg is right in the city, I really like that about it. It’s really accessible from a lot of places, especially if you need to get out of the university kind of atmosphere and go off and do something else.”

Sophia moved to Tasmania to study music. Learn about Sophia's experience studying at the Hedberg and living in Hobart.

Sophia has played the French horn for a decade and has some teaching experience as well. And when she wanted to focus on her own skills and experience, she applied for a scholarship so she could pursue her dream in Tasmania.

“I feel supported studying at the Hedberg,” she said. “The staff are very responsive and they know what it’s like to study music – they’ve all done it.

“One of the most cherished memories I have of studying here so far at the con is the opportunity that I had to play with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

“I know it’s something that I’ll probably never forget. It was my first opportunity playing with a professional orchestra, so, you know, it’s that moment where you go: I’ve dreamt about this! This is why I’m studying music, and this is the first little taste and it was great.”

Sophia is particularly smitten with the Hobart lifestyle. The smaller sized city and relaxed pace of life are the perfect contrast to the Sydney lifestyle she left behind.

She said there were definite perks to being based in the Hobart city centre, as well.

“I like to go to the University Rose Garden, which is just across the road [from the Hedberg] and that’s a great place to sort of sit and refuel and I like going down to the water as well.

“I know that I made the right choice. I really love studying music here and the ways that I get to be immersed in music and that I get to play it so much and listen to others playing it and learn a lot from my teachers as well.”

Most importantly, Sophia said her time living and studying in Hobart has taught her as much about life as it has about music.

“I think success is about finding balance in life and I think, you know, you need room to breathe and that’s what I really like about Hobart as well.

“You don’t have to live in a big city to be successful.”

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