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University joins UArctic network to expand polar research collaboration


The University of Tasmania is the first Southern Hemisphere university to join UArctic, a network of more than 200 institutions concerned with research and education on the Arctic region.

The network fosters collaboration and provides access to researchers, funding opportunities, joint projects, student exchange and innovation in Arctic studies.

The affiliation will bolster the University's capacity to contribute research in polar studies, forge partnerships, and address the pressing challenges facing high-latitude regions. Critical disciplines include marine science, environmental management, social sciences (including tourism and governance) and Indigenous studies.

Research and collaboration with Arctic indigenous communities is paramount to UArctic’s mission. Collaborating with Arctic counterparts provides an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange, empowering both Arctic and Tasmanian indigenous communities with a deeper understanding of each other’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Marg Otlowski, Professor of Law and Vice-Chancellor's Envoy for Europe, has led the University’s membership of UArctic. Professor Otlowski said inclusion in UArctic cemented the University’s status as a global leader in polar research and climate action and highlighted its commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting sustainable practices in the polar regions. ​​​​​​​