About UTAS

Our History & Reputation

Founded in 1890, the University of Tasmania has a rich and proud history which was celebrated in 2015, as part of our 125th anniversary. We're the fourth oldest university in Australia and this vintage earns us the prestigious title of a sandstone university; one of the nation's oldest tertiary institutions.

Throughout our history we've been a stage for discoveries of global significance, a catalyst for social, economic and cultural development and – arguably most importantly – a place of life and learning for 90,000 alumni who have built their lives and careers in Tasmania and around the world. From Andrew Inglis Clark to Sir Guy Green, Enid Campbell and Lara Giddings, we've always been distinguished by staff and students who strode along the sometimes rocky path of knowledge and discovery and then set out to make a better world.

We're also a prism through which Tasmania can look to the world and the world can look to Tasmania; a bridge from our island that connects people, geographies, cultures and ideas.