Diving  includes

  • Activities using SCUBA, Surface Supplied equipment, Rebreathers, etc.
  • Breath-hold activities, such as snorkeling and freediving
  • Chamber diving (hyperbaric/recompression chamber)

The roles and responsibilities of our Officers, People Leaders, Dive Coordinators and Diver/Dive Support personnel can be found at Diving at UTAS intranet webpage.

Dive Manual

Diving Safety Committee

The Committee advises the University Dive Officer regarding development and implementation of relevant University policies, minimum standards and procedures.
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Diving  Framework

An overview of the interaction between legislation, standards and other guidance material,  plus key acronyms and definitions used in scientific diving.
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Risk assessment

A simple tool to look at an activity such as a task, project or event to identify health and safety risks that are likely to pose a threat t a person's safety or impact on operations of the University and to establish appropriate risk controls to minimise harm.
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The University is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). The University Diving Safety Committee members are listed as a Diving Control Board member or DSO of University of Tasmania by the AAUS. The AAUS provides technical advice to the University of Tasmania in accordance with AS/NZS 2299.2:2002 Occupational Diving Operations-Scientific Diving.

For the purposes of the AAUS procedures, this sub-committee fulfils the same role as a Diving Control Board (DCB) and the members fulfil the same role as Dive Safety Officer (DSO).