Research groups

The University of Tasmania has been certified carbon neutral since 2016 and we have joined the global Race To Zero movement so we can be a beacon to other organisations.

Future Energy Research Group

Future Energy is a research collaboration at the University of Tasmania working on energy governance, markets, culture, and technologies. The group brings together expertise from business, economics, engineering, ICT, social science, geography, marine science, architecture, planning, and the humanities to produce high quality research that interrogates and develops options for future energy provision in Tasmania and beyond.

Climate Futures Research Group

Climate Futures brings world leading climate science expertise to the challenges of local planning and adaptation. It bridges the gap between fundamental climate science and the local adaptation needs of Australian industries, government agencies and communities.

Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems

The Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems (CREPS) was established in February 2007 to advance research in the area of renewable energy and enabling technologies. CREPS aims to enhance both fundamental (discovery-based) and applied (linkage-based) research in power and energy systems in Australia by creation of an organised, coordinated structure in which research is focused into defined programs through proven research teams. CREPS is in a unique and powerful position as a fully integrated centre able to bring all engineering disciplines together under the one umbrella.

Healthy Landscapes Research Group

The Healthy Landscapes Research Group brings together expertise in ecology, health, architecture, planning, agriculture, social, spatial and statistical sciences to address two core questions

  • How do biodiversity and human health interact in the landscapes of regional cities such as Hobart, and their regional and rural surrounds?
  • How can we intervene to build healthier environments for people and biodiversity?

Sustainability, Place and Society Research Group

The Sustainability, Place and Society research group are an active community of scholars interested in issues of space and place, sustainability, equity and social justice, and culture as they relate to education. Employing a critical 'sociological imagination' they recognise the political and value-laden nature of education and seek to explore, examine, and disrupt power relations through educational research.