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The Peter Smith Tasmania University Scholarship in Physical Sciences (Rule 56)

Dr Peter Warnock Smith has had an enduring interest in the promotion of the study of science through teaching and research in the discipline of Chemistry both in university and industry.  In order to encourage talented students to pursue study in the sciences to the highest level, particularly in the physical sciences, Dr Smith has endowed this scholarship at the University of Tasmania.

The Academic Senate of the University has agreed to the foundation of an endowed scholarship in the terms declared in these rules.

  1. Money donated from time to time by Dr Smith to the University of Tasmania, along with any interest, forms the endowment of a scholarship to be called the "The Peter Smith Tasmania University Scholarship in Physical Sciences". 
  2. The scholarship is to be awarded to a suitably qualified student who primarily has received a substantial part of their education in Tasmania and is commencing a degree in science or has already successfully completed one or more years of a degree in science, provided that the student is majoring in one or more of the basic physical sciences – chemistry, mathematics and physics. 
  3. The scholarship will be awarded by a selection committee comprising: 
    • the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering or a nominee 
    • two other University staff nominated by the Tasmania Scholarships Management Committee 
  4. The selection committee will set the detailed selection and performance criteria having regard to the intention of the endowment.  However, in its selection, the committee shall: 
    • give priority to a talented student who may need financial assistance to undertake study at the University of Tasmania 
    • take into account the personal qualities and achievements of that student; and
    • not make an award in any year if no suitable candidate presents in any year 
  5. The scholarship is tenable for the minimum time necessary to complete a degree course.  An extension of one year for honours may be permitted at the discretion of the selection committee.
  6. The selection committee may terminate a student’s scholarship or suspend it for one year if it considers the student’s progress is unsatisfactory.  If the award is suspended, the selection committee may re-award the scholarship to the same student for a following year if it considers that the student’s academic record the previous year justifies that action. 
  7. The Scholarships Management Committee will, from time to time, set the annual value of the scholarship and the number of awards available, having regard to the income from the endowment.
  8. The Scholarships Management Committee will determine all other matters concerning the scholarship, including advertising, application procedures and the method and time of payment.

Made by Academic Senate on 18 October 2002