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Thomas A Crawford Memorial Tasmania University Scholarship (Rule 23)

Mr Thomas A Crawford, believed to be the first citizen of the United States to graduate from the University of Tasmania, has made a large bequest to the University, including an original sum of US$200,000. Mr Crawford has asked that the gift be used to endow a scholarship in his name, and that the scholarship be awarded to excellent students who are citizens of the countries specified in the rules and studying in any faculty at the University. The Council has agreed to the foundation of an endowed scholarship on the terms declared in these rules.

  1. The amount of US$200,000, together with any additional money from Mr Crawford’s estate, and any interest from time to time, forms the endowment of a scholarship to be called the Thomas A Crawford Memorial Tasmania University Scholarship.
  2. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student enrolled in a degree course at the University, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, and may be awarded either to a student commencing study in that degree course or to a student who has already completed successfully one or more years in that course.
  3. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, to a student who is a citizen of one or more of these countries:
    • United States of America, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia
  4. The scholarship will be awarded by a selection committee comprising the Chair of Academic Senate (or nominee), the Academic Registrar, a person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and a person nominated by the Committee of the Alumni.
  5. The scholarship is tenable for the minimum time necessary to complete the degree course, and an extension for honours if applicable. The student must be enrolled full time, except in special circumstances with the approval of the committee.
  6. The committee may terminate the student’s award, or suspend it for one year, if in any year it considers the student’s progress to be unsatisfactory. If the award is suspended, the selection committee may re-award the scholarship to the same student after that year, if it considers that the student’s academic record in that year justifies that action.
  7. The detailed selection criteria will be set by the selection committee, having regard to the terms of the bequest.
  8. All other matters concerning the scholarship, including the frequency and number of awards offered, the value of each award, advertising, application procedures, and the method and time of payment will be determined by the selection committee.