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Tutorial & Pastoral Program

Tutorial assistance

Student Living runs a tutorial program between March and October. Residents may benefit from the skills of a tutor who has recently finished the requested subjects and earned a distinction or better. Most of our tutors are residents or other UTAS students and offer close, convenient and invaluable one-hour weekly tutorials. These may be related either to a specific subject, or to general skills such as essay writing, exam preparation and time management.

Tutorial assistance may take the form of:

  • one-on-one assistance
  • group tutorial led by a tutor
  • a study group of your peers, or
  • a UTAS run program.

Those who receive extra tutorial assistance have been proven to perform better in their studies. So take advantage of this service and increase your chances.

Tutorial request

You can find tutorial request forms in a cubby hole on the bottom row of mailboxes in the administration foyer. Fill one in and hand it over to administration staff for tutorial options and further information.


Residential Support Officers

Your Residential Support Officer (RSO) is your first point of contact for routine and extraordinary needs.

You can expect your RSO to:

  • attend to most lockouts
  • provide access to communal areas and facilities
  • provide an extra level of security
  • manage floor or block issues
  • assist with personal/pastoral issues
  • administrative issues and tasks
  • including initiating discipline
  • check residents in and out
  • provide access to storage
  • troubleshoot.

The RSOs are available from 5:00pm every night and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am.

RSO duty phone numbers are:

When in doubt ask your Residential Support Team. The team consists of the RSOs, led by Daniel Wardrop, Student Accommodation Manager. We're a friendly bunch. Confused, sad, disgruntled, angry, curious, enlivened or participative? Come and share it with us. It's part of why we're here and we're listening.