Accounting Communication Matters



Accounting graduates are expected to demonstrate a range of attributes not only in the technical skills expected of accountants but also in writing and presentations. Many studies involving the profession and employers have indicated that accounting graduates do not perform well when called upon to demonstrate their writing skills. Nationally and internationally the common theme is that accounting graduates exhibit poor written communication skills.

Studies have also shown that students consider writing skills to be relatively unimportant to their future job as an accountant and that many students continue to rank technical skills as being more important than non-technical skills. This is in direct contradiction to the view of employers and the profession.

The purpose of this website is to provide accounting and corporate governance students with the communication skills appropriate for business. It will provide you with the skills and techniques to prepare you for assessment tasks that require some form of oral or written communication. It will provide you with guidance on analysing the topic, starting your research, referencing and basic writing skills. It will also offer video hints on making presentations.

Writing an Essay or Report Making a Presentation

Additional Resources

In addition to this website the University offers students a wide variety of resources to support their learning. Here are some of the websites:

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