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If you have been excluded, whether permanently or temporarily, from any tertiary institution, in Australia or elsewhere, you must include all details of the exclusion or suspension in your application.

When the period of exclusion has finished you may apply for readmission to the excluded course. Your application for readmission to that course will be considered by the relevant faculty admissions committee.

You are required to provide a statement which explains:

  • the circumstances surrounding your academic history,
  • the activities you have undertaken since your exclusion (including information about any employment – paid or voluntary, and studies you have undertaken), and
  • the plans you have put in place to prevent a recurrence of the circumstances which lead to your exclusion.

Factors that will be taken into account in reviewing your application are:

  • your total academic record;
  • your activities since exclusion (including any relevant employment and studies);
  • any evidence to suggest a change in capacity, attitude or motivation; and
  • the extent of competition for and the availability of places in the course.