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Respond To Your Offer

The University of Tasmania will notify you by email if you have received an offer of a place in a course. Alternatively, you can visit the Applicant Portal at any time to check if you have been made an offer.

To see if you have been made an offer please refer to information at Access Your Applicant Portal.

For further information on what happens when you respond to your offer refer to Offer Responses.

If you are an international student please visit: International Students - How to Accept your Offer & Make a Payment

General Information

  • How to move a preference

If you have applied for more than one course and wish to review your highest course preference (Course Preference #1) you may do so using the Change Course Preference button. Start by logging into your Applications Portal. Next, under Preferences & Offers, select the Change Course Preference button. You may then commence re-ordering your preference using the up and down arrows.

  • What is offer condition

A condition is placed on your offer if you need to fulfil one or more requirements before you are permitted to enrol. The conditions relating to your application will be listed on your offer letter. Until the conditions are met you will not be able to enrol in your course of study. A condition could be that you need to satisfy a subject prerequisite prior to commencing study. An example of a prerequisite is the equivalent of a Year 12 Chemistry unit.

Once you have met the conditions you will need to contact the University to provide evidence of this. You can either email any documentation through to or meet face-to-face with one of the staff from UConnect. Once the University is satisfied you have met the conditions you will be advised by a text message to confirm that you can now enrol via eStudent.

  • What is the meaning of multiple offers

Multiple offers can occur if you have applied for more than one course in a current year, and have been deemed eligible for each of the preference.

Meeting the University’s entry requirements does not guarantee entry to a course. For this reason, applicants are able to nominate up to 5-course preferences. Because Offers into courses are made progressively through the student intake period and prior to the start of the semester study period, it is possible for an applicant to receive 5 offers. Only once an applicant has settled on the course they wish to pursue, has enrolled in their units of study, and passed the semester Census Date, are they liable for the payment of fees.

Therefore, prior to enrolling and the semester Census Date, applicants can accept multiple offers, and take their time to decide which course they would like to pursue.

For information on key academic dates, which include Orientation Week, the start of the semester, census date, mid-semester break, the exam timetable release date, end of the semester, study week, the exam period, results release date etc.) refer to Key Dates.

  • What does a bypass offer mean

A bypass offer is an administrative function of the Admissions Office, used under special consideration circumstances to issue two offers concurrently. If you receive two offers concurrently, you are able to accept both. Doing so, will not prevent you from receiving other offers. As with all multiple offers, it is important to know that no fees are payable until enrolment is finalised.

  • What does a superseded offer mean

A superseded offer occurs when you are deemed eligible for an offer and the University of Tasmania accepts that offer on your behalf in order to make you a higher preference offer. You are able to accept the higher preference offer and then decide which of the two courses you wish to enrol in. Please be advised that until your enrolment is finalised in one course, no fees are payable.

Need help with your application?

If you would like to speak to someone about your application, call 1300 363 864 or email