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Offer Responses

Now that you have acknowledged your offer letter you are ready to decide whether to accept, reject or defer the offer.

  • Accept – accept the offer, and take up a place in this course
  • Reject – reject the offer, and decline the offer of a place in this course
  • Defer – request to defer the offer for a period of 12-months

Note you can also change preferences, but to do so, you need to respond to your current offer first.

Accepting Your Offer

To accept your offer, click the Accept button.

Accept Offer

Accept Offer Confirm

You will then have the option to indicate whether you wish to be enrolled in one of our preparation programs. Tick any that you would like to be enrolled in.

  • Unistart aims to help you develop the essential skills required for independent learning and success at University, such as critical thinking, critical reading and academic writing.

Preparatory Program

Visit the Unistart website at for more information

  • Physics Foundation and Mathematics Foundation units are for potential UTAS students who have not satisfied respective physics or mathematics prerequisites for entry into first-year units. Visit the Foundation and Supported Studies Units website for further details
  • Chemistry Foundation unit covers the essential chemistry required for entry into first-year chemistry studies at the University of Tasmania for those who do not have the required Chemistry prerequisites. Visit the Foundation and Supported Studies Units website for further details

The final step in the process will provide you with your unique University of Tasmania Student ID number, email address, and your login and password to access our student email service and MyLO (our online learning system). Please note down these details, as you will need them to access the eStudent system to complete your enrolment.

Acceptance Confirmation

If you are accepting your offer well in advance of the course commencement, your email address and login details may not have been activated. If this is the case, your Applicant Portal will advise you that these details will be emailed to you shortly.

Rejecting Your Offer

You may reject your offer if you do not wish to study the course we have offered you. You will still be considered for any other higher preferences that you may be eligible for.

If you have applied for more than one course and wish to review your highest course preference (Course Preference #1) you may do so using the Change Course Preference button. Start by logging into your Applicant Portal. Next, under Preferences & Offers, select the Change Course Preference button. You may then commence re-ordering your preference using the up and down arrows

Select the Reject option.

Reject Offer

Reject Offer Confirm

Reject Offer Reason

If you reject your offer of a place, and then decide you want to accept it later, the option will be available to you (subject to course start and offer validity dates).

Deferring Your Offer

If you have received an offer you may be eligible to apply for a deferral. Deferrals are not available in all courses and are strictly limited in some others. If the course you have received an offer considers deferrals, you will have the option to request a deferral of your place.

Select the Defer option.

Defer Offer

Defer Offer Confirm

You will need to indicate which intake you wish to apply to defer to and select a reason for your deferral request. Once a deferral request is submitted and processed, you will be notified via email of the outcome of your request.