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Special Consideration

At the University of Tasmania, we care about people. We understand that we all have different paths in life and that sometimes these paths take us in directions we don’t expect. Special Consideration takes into account the challenges you might have faced during your studies which may have affected your results. If you meet the University of Tasmania’s General Entry Requirements and experienced some challenges during your secondary or tertiary studies you may be eligible for Special Consideration.

Special consideration is available to well-prepared applicants who experience circumstances or disadvantage during their secondary or tertiary studies which impact negatively on their results and in turn on their competitiveness when applying for admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate course work program. Special Consideration does not waive the need for course entry requirements or pre-requisite subject requirements being met.

What is considered as a disadvantage?

Disadvantage may be short term or long term. A serious or debilitating illness, misadventure or an extended period of educational disadvantage or personal hardship will be given special consideration.

  • Year 12 students

UTAS expects that disadvantage will be taken into account within the Year 12 curriculum by the relevant state-based senior secondary authority or the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

In Tasmania, the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification provides a Reasonable Adjustments process and also a mechanism to take into account illness or medical conditions resulting in Derived Ratings.

As such, Year 12 students may not apply for special consideration based on their final results alone

  • All students – COVID-19 impacts

The University acknowledges the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on the lives of people around the world. As everyone is experiencing similar impacts, it is important to note that the COVID-19 pandemic in itself is not a reason to grant special consideration. You will need to specifically outline how COVID-19 has impacted you and your ability to prepare for University study, and also that you have the necessary background to succeed at your chosen course of study.

You must be:

  • an Australian citizen, a New Zealand Citizen or hold permanent residency (including a humanitarian visa);
  • have been hampered by illness or other circumstances to a substantial degree; and
  • be able to provide independent documentary evidence to support the request.

How do I apply for special consideration?

The request for Special Consideration is done online and can be accessed by clicking here

Closing date

Applications for special consideration must be completed by 5 pm AEDST 8th January 2021. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.

Decisions on special consideration will be provided at the latest, before 30th January 2021.