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Special Consideration

Special consideration is available to well-prepared applicants who experience circumstances or disadvantage during their secondary or tertiary studies which impact negatively on their results and in turn on their competitiveness when applying for admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate course work program. Special Consideration does not waive the need for course entry requirements or pre-requisite subject requirements being met.

What is considered as a disadvantage?

Disadvantage may be short term or long term. A serious or debilitating illness, misadventure or an extended period of educational disadvantage or personal hardship will be given special consideration.

Applying for Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery?

For applicants applying for admission to the Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, special consideration does not waive the need for course entry requirements and/or pre-requisite subject requirements being met.

How do I make a request for special consideration?

The Request for Special Consideration for Admission form is not an application for Admission. You must apply for Admission to your course separately.

To request special consideration you need to email the Domestic Admissions team and provide a brief overview of your circumstances and request a Special Consideration form. We will provide initial advice as to whether your circumstances make you eligible to request special consideration and, if you are eligible, email you a form to complete.

What documentation do I need to provide?

Informal, incomplete, unsigned or electronic submissions will not be accepted. You must provide independent documentary evidence to support your claim – for example, originals or certified copies of:  

  • Medical documents or certificates;
  • Reports from other health professionals;
  • A statement from your School Principal or Educational Institution;
  • Police reports; and/or
  • Legal documents  

Applicants applying for admission to a quota restricted course such as Medicine, Nursing, Paramedic Practice, Pharmacy or Exercise Science are advised that only a very limited number of places (often one place) is set aside in each course for applicants applying on the basis of consideration of circumstances or disadvantage beyond their control or choosing.

Closing date

MBBS Applications for 2020 have closed.
The closing date for applications for requests for special consideration is 5pm, Friday 10 January, 2020.

When will I be advised of the outcome of my application for special consideration?

Each request will be considered by the relevant School’s Admissions Committee. You will be contacted with the outcome in early February.

Where do I send my supporting documents?

Domestic Admissions Office
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 11
Hobart TAS 7001

If you supply original documents and require them to be returned, please attach a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your submission.