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Community Projects

Community Support Projects

Community Support Projects Seeking Volunteers

To offer some of your time and expertise on a regular or one-off basis can have many benefits for the volunteer and the University. We invite you to browse these community support projects.

UTAS Oral History Project

Plans are underway to celebrate the 125th anniversary of UTAS in 2015. A major role of UTAS alumni will be in supplying and gathering useful historical data to help tell the UTAS story over this time – this might be memorabilia and photographs, or memories of individual alumni (including, of course, former staff members).

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please register your interest on our 'Get involved' page or email and we will be in touch with you soon.

Community Friends and Networks ProgramThe Community Friends and Networks Program (CFNP) is aimed at providing UTAS students with assistance in accessing social, volunteer, work experience and community networks.

CFNP supports new-to-town students to experience the real Tasmania during their stay or as they build a permanent life in the state. Alumni who live in Tasmania and are interested in meeting new people, or who can assist new-to-town students adjust to new surroundings, are invited to join the CFNP.

For information call +61 3 6226 2548 (southern Tasmania) or +61 3 6324 3566 (northern Tasmania) or email or visit

Career Mentor Program

The Career Mentor Program matches UTAS students with experienced professionals from the same degree background and from the same university.

Regular contact may be established face-to face, by email or Skype and all participants have an induction (in May) and debriefing session at the end of the year. A program manual is provided which includes suggested topics for discussion, self-reflective exercises, and a mentor agreement.

For students, it’s a valuable way to gain useful career advice, through building an informal and supportive relationship with an experienced UTAS graduate.

For mentors, there’s personal satisfaction in making a difference to the career development of a student, and giving back to your university. Recruitment of mentors occurs early in the year, and matches with mentees finalised by April.

For more information about the program email

Student Ambassador Program

If you are studying at UTAS and wish to improve your communication, public relations and leadership skills you may be interested in developing networks beyond your faculty or school.

Student Ambassadors volunteer their time to assist the UTAS Student Recruitment & Marketing team with activities throughout the year, including University Open Days, campus tours and activities with visiting school groups.

Find out more about the Student Ambassador Program.

Menzies Research Institute

Research grant funding often falls short of the full costs of conducting a project, and volunteer support assists Menzies Research Institute Tasmania researchers to carry out work that may not otherwise be achievable. Menzies is fortunate to be able to call on the skills, knowledge and goodwill of volunteers, who take on many different roles to help conduct research.

Volunteers make significant contributions in a variety of areas, for example: Assisting with data collection; Interpreting pathology and MRI reports; Information kit preparation; Coordinating special projects; Transporting research participants; Database maintenance and data entry; General clerical duties, mail-out preparation and collation; Fundraising and events; Tracing people through electoral roll/phone book.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania please contact Kathy Thomson, Administration Manager on +61 3 6226 7718 or read more at

Tasmanian College of the Arts

The Academy Gallery Club was established in 2002 and has a regular membership of 100+ University and TAFE students and people from the wider community.

Gallery volunteers learn about the professional installation, dismantling, conservation, lighting and exhibition design required of a contemporary art gallery.

The Academy Gallery Volunteer Club attracts all sectors of the community with visual arts students, business people, the retired and simply the arts lover with a yearning to discover more all willing to participate. The Volunteer Club is a friendly work environment where members enjoy the social side of life as much as they do the learning curve.

Contact Volunteer Club President Georgie Parker at or visit for more information.

Patient Partner Program

The Patient Partner Program forms part of the curriculum at the UTAS School of Medicine, bringing a patient centred approach to medical education. This program works by enhancing existing hospital–based learning by medical students through engagement with volunteers.

The Patient Partners represent an amazing community group who are willing to give their time to share their stories and experiences in order to value-add to the medical students’ learning. The volunteers are generally referred to the program by their General Practitioner or treating specialist with whom the Clinical School has built a relationship. Some come as self-referrals.

We believe that every person living with an illness has valuable experiences and special knowledge of their condition to share, providing significant learning benefits for the doctors in training.

For further information about the Patient Partner Program, please contact Julie Sansom on +61 3 6226 2752 or 0419 891 553, email:

Alumni Committee

The University of Tasmania Alumni Committee is managed by the Deputy Director Alumni Relations and oversees Alumni activities at UTAS.

The Committee fosters the basis for lifelong professional and personal relationships between the University and its alumni, recognising a continuing role for graduates and diplomats, staff and former staff, and student alumni in the development of the University, to engender goodwill, understanding and support in the wider community.

The Alumni Committee comprises a graduate representative from each Faculty and Institute of the University, with nominations received through the year for the November Annual General Meeting.

For further information, including detail on how to nominate for the Committee, please contact

University ClubThe University Club is run by a Committee elected annually from the members who volunteer their time to manage the business of the Club and its activities.

Membership is open to all staff of the University, alumni, visitors and others associated with the University, Honours and graduate students. Partners of members can also join the Club. Many members continue their membership well after they are no longer working or studying at the University.

Please email for more membership information or visit

Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award was created to educate, challenge and inspire. The award is designed to strengthen students’ character, work ethic, community awareness, leadership and employability. It is given only to those students with the determination, dedication and perseverance to successfully complete the program.

An exciting component of this award is the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through volunteering - a fantastic way to realise your potential by developing your own skills whilst making a valuable contribution to society.

For more information email or visit

Source Wholefoods Shop

Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative is a not-for-profit grocery store located at 12 French St, Sandy Bay, just behind the University Union Building.

Source sells a wide range of local and organic produce and is open to everyone, Tuesday-Friday 12-4pm, Saturdays 10-1pm, and Pizza night some Wednesdays. It’s a vibrant community-run space, welcoming volunteers and members.

For more information please call +61 3 6224 0055 or visit Source Community Wholefoods.

UTAS Commercial Services and Development Sustainability Office sometimes utilise the help of volunteers in projects such as data gathering in transport counts.

Further information is available by emailing to enquire about current projects and asking to be included on the Volunteers Register or visit

TUU Sports Clubs and Societies

Sports Clubs and Societies at UTAS are always welcoming volunteers to participate on committees, to help out in working bees, fundraisers and other general activities.

Further information is available at

Hobart - 1 Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Phone: +61 3 6226 7103
Launceston - Queen Elizabeth Walk, Newnham Campus TAS 7248, Phone: +61 3 6324 3757
Burnie - 16-18 Mooreville Road, Burnie TAS 7320, Phone: +61 3 6430 4936.