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A donation to the University is strengthening cultural communities in Tasmania

Green family

A generous philanthropic gift to the University of Tasmania from the Green family was highlighted recently with the presentation of the inaugural ‘Dick and Joan Green Family Award for Tasmanian History’.

As well as recognising and promoting new literary works which make a contribution to understanding Tasmania’s history and cultural heritage, the prize will also help strengthen local cultural communities, said Green family member, Caroline Johnston.

“Dick and Joan had both been very good, in their various roles, at developing and maintaining communities of people with a shared commitment,” she said.

“The family hopes this award will further foster and support the community of writers, researchers and academics interested in Tasmanian history, and give them even greater incentive to make a significant contribution to the telling of Tasmanian history.”

The biennial award, supported by the University of Tasmania, commemorates the contribution of Dick and Joan Green to Tasmanian culture and history, which included being key players in the establishment of the National Trust in the 1960s and their involvement in other arts organisations.

University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black presented Dr Rebe Taylor, a historian and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania, with the $25,000 cash prize at a presentation ceremony held at the University Club last week.

Her book ‘Into the Heart of Tasmania: A Search for Human Antiquity’, published by Melbourne University Press, is based on extensive research in museum archives in Oxford and in Tasmania and takes the reader into the heart of debates over Tasmanian Aboriginal antiquity, adding to the growing body of work about Aboriginal lifeways in Tasmania dating back at least 41,000 years.

“As a University we want to celebrate the generosity and the visionary nature of a gift like this,” Vice Chancellor Professor Black said.

“A history prize that carries the names of people who are so important to that community, and to maintaining the historical life of this island, is a special and wonderful thing.”

The Green family has also announced that a new partnership with the University will establish a biennial Green Family Architecture Design Studio Award, planned to commence in 2019.

Picture: Joan Green and other members of the Green family with award winner Dr Rebe Taylor.

Published on: 02 Jul 2018 10:06am