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A research reach unrivalled around Australia

Professor Michael Breadmore

Whether it’s analytical chemistry, botany, or women’s studies, our staff and alumni are leading the nation.

University of Tasmania staff, alumni and institutions have been singled out as being leaders in a diverse group of research fields.

The Australian’s 2019 Research Magazine recognises researchers based on the quality and impact of their work.

To produce their list of top researchers and institutions, the newspaper looks at the number of citations from Google Scholar for papers published in the top 20 journals in each field over the past five years.  

The University of Tasmania dominated in the field of Analytical Chemistry, taking out the top research institution.

Alumnus Professor Michael Breadmore was also named as the top researcher in this field.

Prof Breadmore, who leads the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS), was part of the team who recently won the prestigious Eureka Prize for a portable device to rapidly detect homemade explosives.

The University’s reputation for being world-leaders in Ocean and Marine Engineering was confirmed; it took out the top research institution in this field.

Professor Kazuaki Negishi, who worked at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, was named as the top researcher in the field for Radiology and Medical Imaging.

For Feminism and Women’s Studies, the top researcher was Associate Professor Ngaire Donaghue.

While for the field of Botany, the top researcher was Professor Sergey Shabala.

Professor Jason Byrne, who researches urban political ecologies of green space, climate change adaptation and environmental justice, was the top researcher in the field of Urban Studies and Planning.

Published on: 11 Oct 2019 10:47am