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“Age is hackable,” says alumnus Tristan Edwards (BCom 1997)

Tristan Edwards

Connect with other alumni and listen to the latest Explore Series webinar “Targeting the Biology of Ageing” presented by University of Tasmania alumnus Tristan Edwards.

Tristan offers insights into how he has pursued his passion for helping create a scalable platform for financing and enabling the world’s best scientists and thought leaders to create change.

His company, Life Biosciences, recently made the front cover of Nature with its age reversal science – the first time age reversal has been successfully demonstrated in a mammal.

Ageing is the biggest risk factor for almost every chronic disease. Ground-breaking research over the past decade has shown that ageing is a modifiable risk factor that can be targeted therapeutically. Developing medicines that modify ageing biology to prevent, delay, and/or reverse diseases of ageing has the potential to transform the practice of medicine.

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Published on: 13 Oct 2021 5:51pm