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Alumni designs take front seat at Winter Feast

Two University of Tasmania alumni who returned to study 3D Design, have taken a front row seat at the 2017 Dark Mofo Winter Feast.

Tasmanian College of the Arts (TCotA) 3D Design students and alumni Catherine Norton (BA/BFA 2010) and Mark Aheimer (Bsc Hons 1995) each created a seating design that was selected to be used at the festival’s Winter Feast.

3D Design Studio Coordinator Dr Zoe Veness said she was approached by Dark Mofo organisers who offered an opportunity for students to create seating to be used at this year’s event.

Students from first year through to PhD level were invited to submit seating design proposals with two successful designs being chosen.

“The timeframe for this project was only six weeks for the design, production and delivery. This is a remarkable achievement considering the project was on top of their university workloads,” Dr Veness said.

“I would particularly like to acknowledge the fabulous support of our two technicians, Dr Phillip Blacklow and Stuart Houghton. The project wouldn’t have been so successful without them.”

Project technicians Dr Phillip Blacklow (MFAD 2009, PhD 2016) and Stuart Houghton (BFA Hons 1992) are also University of Tasmania alumni.

The students were directed by a design brief which called for a multifunction design that would sit comfortably alongside the feast’s current theme, which is inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet.

Each student made 35 seats. Mark’s was produced by Xanderware while Catherine’s was made in-house at TCotA’s Hunter Street metal workshop.

Third-year student Mark’s design, Skelestool, was inspired by skeleton furniture and is comprised of a series of ribs forming the structure of the stool, held together by four cross members.

The stool aimed to reflect MONA’s ethos with the shape and construction allowing for easy storage.

Second-year student Catherine’s design, Star X Cube, is a ‘left of centre’ multifunctional cube and is a representation of Romeo and Juliet – the star crossed lovers – with the steel emulating the strength of their infatuation as well as the harshness of their circumstances.

The steel bar of the stool’s bracing legs are a playful reflection of the MONA symbols, X +.

Picture caption: Catherine Norton and Stuart Houghton (Hunter Street Metal Workshop Technician) with Catherine’s design.

Published on: 20 Jun 2017 3:33pm