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Medical marvel

A promising Medical Research student will be awarded the inaugural Loughran Family Scholarship in 2017.

Mr Loughran is president of the University Foundation board of governors – of which he has been a member since its inception in the early 1990s – and a generous benefactor of the University.

The Foundation provides more than $3 million in scholarships to University of Tasmania students and potential students each year.

Together with his daughter Alison and son David, both health professionals, Mr Loughran established the perpetual scholarship to coincide with the University’s 125th anniversary last year.

The Loughran Family Scholarship Mr Loughran said he wanted to do so now so he may live to see the outcomes from the successful scholar’s research.

“I thought it was better to do something while I’m alive, rather than after I’m gone,” he said. “It was also an opportunity to involve my children; my daughter Alison studied at the University of Tasmania and is now a doctor in Sydney, and my son David is a carer in Hobart.

“I wanted to set the scholarship up, enjoy seeing the results and see my children involved.”

The scholarship will grant one student – preferably from the state’s North-West coast where Mr Loughran’s family grew up – $5,000 a year for four years of the course, to help them move to Hobart to study.

The Bachelor of Medical Research is designed to develop an understanding of the human body and its functions at a cellular, molecular and systems level, to understand the biological processes associated with disease.

Fields of specialty include neuroscience, genetics, pathology and biochemistry and molecular biology.

Mr Loughran said such research was increasingly important as people lived longer and benefitted from medical intervention.

“[The research] will provide an ongoing benefit to people over a long period of time … and the scholarship will help those who require financial assistance to study,” he said.

Published on: 05 Aug 2016 2:08pm