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Privacy Statement Update

University Lion

The Privacy Statements outline why and how we collect your information, how we use and store your information, and circumstances when we might disclose your information to other parties.

While the Privacy Statements remain substantially the same, we have made the following amendments to better reflect how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal, sensitive and health information:

  • the addition of information for visitors to the University about how personal information may be collected, used, stored, and disclosed for the purposes of managing security incidents;
  • the addition of collection of personal information from CCTV or video surveillance in student accommodation for the purpose of managing complaints and investigations;
  • we have added clearer notification of ‘cookie tracking’ and consent in relation to collection of data when an individual accesses the University website; and
  • we have amended the General Privacy Statement to make clear that the University may make minor amendments to the Privacy Statements at any time for changes that are considered low risk and minor.

Data Breach Procedure

It is important that our University community can easily report an actual or suspected privacy breach. We have made improvements to streamline the ability to report a privacy breach which can now be made by accessing the Privacy Page on the University website. You can report a privacy breach  here:

For further information contact Jane Beaumont, Privacy Officer & General Counsel –

Published on: 12 Aug 2020 1:59pm