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Scholarship recipient determined to pay it forward

Payton Rodman

University of Tasmania alumna Payton Rodman will soon be solving problems of the universe at Cambridge University, but without donations to the University’s Scholarship Appeal she would never have had the chance to pursue a tertiary degree.

Undoubtedly, in our lives we all want to make a difference. The way we make a contribution may differ between us all, but those who donate to the University of Tasmania’s Annual Appeal can be assured they are truly changing lives.

You need look no further than to read the story of Payton Rodman to know just how big a difference donors make.

Paton was just eight years old when her mother sat her down in the lounge room of their shack in north-west Tasmania and took out a few pieces of paper. One was a bank statement, the other were bills. She may have only been a young child, but Payton knew the numbers weren’t adding up. They were broke.

A decade later, and with a growing interest in physics and mathematics, Payton desperately wanted to go to university. Again, there was no money.

“I stared at the application form for scholarships. The first section read: ‘Explain why you need financial assistance to study?’.

“The answer was obvious. I was broke. I tried to think of something more poetic, more captivating, but my answer was what it was, and anything else felt like a lie.

“I listed my projected costs of studying, and subtracted my earnings and savings and it was plain to see that the numbers didn’t add up.”

“Without financial assistance, I would not be attending university.”

Four years later, Payton graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours, will  investigate Black Holes at Cambridge University as part of her PhD, and is a rising star in the field of astrophysics.

She is forever grateful to those who support the University’s Scholarship Appeal.

“Your contributions change lives and inspire others to similar action, and without your support, there are many students who would not be students today.”

“Scholarships pay for more than books.”

“They open up entire futures that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Buoyed by the support of others, Payton is passionate about giving back and paying it forward.

“The best way to thank your supporters is to multiply their efforts and keep the spirit of their donation alive.”

To assist students, like Payton, to overcome financial adversity and begin an exciting and challenging journey donate to the University of Tasmania Scholarship Appeal.

Donations of any size make a real difference and every dollar goes directly to students.

Published on: 03 Jun 2019 11:31am