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Short courses offered to alumni, staff and Tasmanians at no cost to navigate COVID-19 challenges

Wellbeing toolkit

The University of Tasmania has created a set of short courses – the Wellbeing Toolkit – to help people navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

Alumni, staff and Tasmanians will be able to study the short courses in the Toolkit for free.

Some of the short courses available in the Toolkit are:

  • Stress, self-care and mindfulness – students will learn about their psychological health and wellbeing and how to tailor common stress management approaches to their individual needs.

  • Financial planning and budgeting – students will learn elementary skills and knowledge to manage money effectively including budgeting, saving, borrowing and investing.

  • The art of healthy eating – understand how and why you make food choices, how these choices impact your health and how to overcome common barriers to healthy eating.

  • Science of gardening – in these times many people are spending even more time in their gardens. Learn about the science that underpins gardening and the skills to put it into practice.

  • Human behaviour in extreme environments – learn how individuals and groups manage distress and enhance resilience in extreme environments such as Antarctica, outer space, military operations, disaster sites, pandemics and cults.

  • History of public health: epidemics and social change – learn how disease shaped the evolution of public health and see the thread of resilience and the role medicine plays in our society.

Other modules include: Learning to learn, Arts in health and medicine, Making home, Supporting ourselves and our community.

In line with a national program of short courses in key fields of education, the University is also developing a range of six-month online certificates in: Nursing, Allied Health, Small Business, Information Technology, Agriculture, Construction, Project Management, Teaching, Engineering and Dementia.

To find out more visit the University website.

Published on: 13 May 2020 1:39pm