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Tasmanian students reaching for the stars thanks to Springboard Scholarship

Tyeisha Hinds

About 60 Tasmanian high-school students have moved one step closer to reaching their dream careers, thanks to the University of Tasmania’s Springboard to Higher Education Bursary Program.

Since its inception in 2002, the Springboard to Higher Education Bursary Program has changed the lives of 882 Tasmania students by encouraging and enabling students ‘at risk’ of leaving the education system to access higher education.

The University of Tasmania’s Acting Associate Director, Fundraising, Rebecca Cuthill said more than $38,000 in bursaries will support year 11 students next year, which would not be possible without the support of Tasmanian trusts, foundations, individual donors and state and local government.

She said the University also values its relationship with Tasmanian high schools, which ensures students have platforms into further education early.

“The Springboard program is an important statement in achieving equity within our education system, and removing barriers to higher education – whether they be economic, social or political,” Ms Cuthill said.

“The program is unique in the sense that it provides students with significant support through Years 11 and 12 and then on into university study.

“It goes beyond financial support – it demonstrates a vote of confidence in these deserving students and encourages them to pursue their academic and personal goals, despite the challenging circumstances they may face.”

First year Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) student Tyeisha Hinds, of George Town, said the Springboard scholarship has made a huge difference in her education and career path.

“I often doubted my abilities and likelihood of attending university to achieve what I really wanted,” Tyeisha said.

“But, the Springboard Scholarship has provided me with access and an opportunity to pursue my pathway. It provides me with financial support as well as motivation and willpower to achieve my goals.”

Tyeisha said attending university had given her a strong sense of place.

“There is no better feeling than engaging with people who are passionate and enjoy the same thing as you. It has given me a stronger sense of independence as well as self-awareness,” Tyeisha said.

Hobart student Nicole Lehner was awarded a Springboard Scholarship in Grade 10, which helped her pathway into university study after college.

“This opportunity helped me choose university and pushed me to do my best in college, so I had the ATAR to get accepted. I’m glad I’ve chosen this pathway, as it has made me realise my potential,” Nicole said.

Completing her first year of an Associate Degree in Health and Community Care, Nicole’s ultimate career goal is to become a registered nurse.

Fellow Hobart student Kanisha Symons is also following her dream to study medicine and become a doctor, thanks to the Springboard Scholarship.

“It would have been a significantly more costly and harder path if I had not had the assistance of the scholarship, for which I am very thankful for,” Kanisha said.

“My Chemistry teacher told me ‘whatever I do in life, to remember Hess’ Law – that no matter what path you take in life, whether it’s a clear run or it takes a few steps to get there, you will get where you want to go’.

Image: University of Tasmania student recipient Tyeisha Hinds, of George Town, said the University’s Springboard Scholarship has made a huge difference in her education and career path.

Published on: 19 Dec 2018 5:35pm