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Words of wisdom: do it well and do it with passion

Mike Nermut

From Hobart, Tasmania, Mike Nermut (BSc 1994) has founded and sold three tech companies. He is a tech entrepreneur, a proud University of Tasmania alumnus and a reignited rower. His advice for life is: ‘Do it well and do it with passion’.

Mike rowed competitively when studying computer science in Hobart in the early 90s. Then he took a 25-year break from rowing. During this time, he founded Dytech solutions, The Learning Edge, and most recently asdeqlabs.

Bring the clock forward to 2019 and Mike is back rowing, now with the University Junior Masters squad. In just two weeks, he will race in the University’s annual rowing challenge between the University’s top two leaders: the Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Rufus Black and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) David Clerk. He is part of the COO’s Southern squad, which will race against the VC’s Northern team at a public event on Sunday 24 November in Launceston.

“Rowing is the ultimate team sport,” Mike said.

“Every member of the crew must work together with the accuracy of a swiss watch. It requires the precision of a synchronised swim team, the fitness of a cross-country skier all combined with the courage and tactics of a thoroughbred jockey. It truly gets into your blood.”

Mike said his level of fitness has skyrocketed.

“I haven’t been this fit in 25 years. We train on the Derwent River several times a week starting at 5:30 am, when most Hobartians are just thinking about brewing coffee.”

Fortunately, this early-morning rowing lifestyle wasn’t too jarring for Mike.

“I frequently get up for 5am meetings with business partners in Boston and London. It’s a busy time transitioning asdeqlabs to new owners based in the US, but rowing gives me energy.”

With big customers – Nike, AT&T and T-Mobile – needing to streamline operations, Mike is confident the company is going places.

“We want to build a strong software engineering team from Tasmania to work with staff in the US. Hobart is great place to do it, because the people we have here want to be here. We’re keen to grow rapidly and employ the best and the brightest. We’ll be looking to University of Tasmania graduates for talent.”

Cheer on the rowers - 10am, 24 Nov, Launceston

Register for the River Run – 10:30am, 24 Nov, Launceston

Published on: 07 Nov 2019 4:27pm