ARC Centre for Forest Value

About the Centre


The Centre for Forest Value (CFV) aims to build research capacity within the forestry and wood products sector and provide innovative solutions to help shift the sector from the traditional resource driven, low technology base to a market driven, precision manufacturing focused industry. The Centre’s research projects range from the germplasm to commercial buildings with projects in diverse areas such as forest production, restoration, manufacturing, supply chains and innovative data collection technologies.

We aim to enable a system where information about the characteristics of a forest, a tree or a batch of wood can be assessed and passed along the supply chain from the forest to its final application, and allows required material performance to be matched to actual material characteristics. In recognition that a precondition to meeting these product markets is the supply of a certified raw material from a sustainably managed production landscape, the Centre also drives innovation in the forest restoration and environmental planting activities that have now become a fundamental part of production forestry.

Our research goals recognise that social licence and forest certification are required for raw materials to find markets as manufactured products. It also recognises that current and future market opportunities may be different from those traditionally targeted by the Australian forest sector.

Research Training

We aim to produce industry-ready higher degree by research graduates and postdoctoral fellows with broad perspectives of the forest industry. We provide our PhD graduates with experience working with industry and other stakeholders across the production forest landscape and vertically along the forest products supply chain. Such experiences and skills are at present largely absent in the sector.

The projects undertaken by our PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows play a critical role within the centre as they are responsible for the majority of the innovative outcomes produced.

Research Environment

The CFV is partnered with eight organisations across the forestry supply chain. Our partners provide us with a wide range of expertise and access to a variety of research sites.

The CFV is based at the University of Tasmania which is recognised nationally and internationally for its research excellence in fields that are a focus of the CFV. These metrics include:

  • A ranking of 4 (above world standard) for Forestry Sciences and a ranking of 5 (well above world standard) in Plant Biology, in the most recent assessment of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) system
  • A ranking in the 51-100 cohort of universities internationally in the QS system for research in Agriculture and Forestry.

The ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Forest Value is supported through funding from the Australian Research Council's Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme (project number IC150100004).