ARC Centre for Forest Value

Agroforestry Survey

Farmers wanted for online survey

Research to help improve farm restoration and agroforestry

Farmers are being urged to have their say in an online survey to help improve efforts in farm restoration and agroforestry.

The survey ‘Influence of Ecosystem Services on Farmer Decision-making in Agroforestry’ is being conducted by the University of Tasmania’s ARC Centre for Forest Value PhD Candidate Zara Marais, and Lecturer in Resource Economics Dr. Dugald Tinch.

The survey takes 10-15 minutes and asks farmers to make hypothetical decisions about growing trees on farms. The results will identify which factors are most important to farmers when it comes to making decisions about growing trees, and whether those factors change depending on the type or the size of the farm.

The study will also provide insight into how farmers value ecosystem services provided by agroforestry plantings. This information will enable researchers to better target extension efforts in farm restoration and agroforestry

After completing the survey, participants will also have the option to enter a draw to win a $50 Bunnings gift voucher.

To take part in the survey please click here.

If you have any further questions about this study, please contact Dugald Tinch at or +61 3 6226 1877.