ARC Centre for Forest Value

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The ARC Centre for Forest Value produces research across all aspects of the forest value chain. Below are some of the highlights of the research produced by the Centre.


Current Newsletter
Newsletter No. 7 - March 2021

Past Editions
Newsletter No. 1 (PDF 140kb) - Sept 2019
Newsletter No. 2 - Nov  2019
Newsletter No. 3 - March 2020
Newsletter No. 4 - June 2020
Newsletter No. 5 - Sept 2020
Newsletter No. 6 - Dec 2020

Check out our projects

For an overview of the projects undertaken by the Centre for Forest Value check out the video below or head over to our projects page for more details.

Meet our students

The CFV has produced some short videos introducing our students and their research projects. To view the videos head over to the Centre for Forest Value YouTube page our follow the links below

Theme 1

Nicolo Camarretta

Zara Marais

Rose Brinkhoff

Theme 2

Mohammad Derikvand

Michelle Balasso

Theme 3

Mihai Neagoe

Sean Krisanski

Heesung Woo