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2019 Tasmanian Architecture Awards

Congratulations to two of our alumni for taking out prizes at the 2019 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

Evan Davies, Inspiring Insight, SWT Blythe Student Prize

"Evan Davies brief /thesis was comprehensive in position on the human condition and clearly brought to life in this architectural outcome. Spaces were designed thoughtfully towards the nuances of the human ego such as the 'gregarious room'.

A beautifully executed project with a thorough depth of clear thinking. The building unfolds along the contours with an evolving series of evocative spaces that are to connect one to the remote and wild coastal setting of Flinders Island in a series of calm and restrained architectural spaces."

Hamish Saul, Bird Hide, Commendation

"Hamish Saul’s diary was a beautiful insight into a creative and thoughtful design process which sourced an exceedingly mature 1st year project.  A well thought out and developed design, sensitive to the context incorporating the historical and natural setting into its materiality and form. A beautiful result informed by the process of model making and critical self-reflection, and an excellent 1st year project well worthy of recognition."

Image credit: Nina Hamilton

Published on: 15 Jul 2019 3:16pm