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Our People

Our staff are leaders in their fields with a reputation for innovative work in architecture and design. They regularly collaborate with government and industry and are engaged in interdisciplinary design research for real world change.

Their research includes the environmental performance of buildings and the sustainable use of timber, histories and theories of architecture and design, design and health, regional urbanism, design computing and real-life participatory design build projects.

This high-quality research will feed into your learning experience to ensure that you are working and thinking at the leading edge of your discipline.

Professor Greg Nolan

Professor of Architecture
Head of Discipline, Architecture & Design
Director of the Centre For Sustainable Architecture With Wood (CSAW)

Greg is a registered architect (TAS) and a timber design and construction specialist. He leads strategic and multidisciplinary research and development that includes projects optimising Australia’s existing plantation resources, the development of new wood products, and the reinvention of existing timber products in sustainable architecture applications for enhanced building performance.

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Associate Professor David Beynon

Dave Beynon is Associate Professor in Architecture in the Discipline of Architecture and Design. Both his research and his teaching involve investigating the social, cultural and compositional dimensions of architecture, in particular adaptations of architectural content and meaning in relation to urban renewal, migration and cultural change. Dave is also a registered architect (in Victoria).

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Dr Richard Burnham

Richard teaches design studio, history and research units in the Bachelors and Masters courses, with a strong focus on learning by making. His research activities focus on live projects that combine digital fabrication and community engagement. Long-term collaborations with local organisations — including a youth shelter and educational institutions — have evolved innovative building systems tailored to design and assembly by a low-skilled workforce.

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Dr Mark Dewsbury

Mark teaches building technology units in the Bachelors and Masters courses. His research focuses on the fields of building energy use, envelope thermal performance, condensation, sustainable building materials and human health in buildings with a strong passion for zero energy buildings. He is also technical expert on national committees for the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) and is a partner in the building design practice Carawah.

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Luke Dineen

Furniture Design Workshop Manager
Luke is a designer/ maker and bespoke builder who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in fabrication, construction and teaching to his role as Manager of the Furniture Design Workshop. He is particularly interested in exploring the crossover space that exists across different scales of spatial design, from furniture to interiors and architecture. He supports students to intelligently combine traditional making processes with the advantages of Computer Numerically Controlled manufacturing capabilities.

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Robin Green

Building Workshop Manager
Robin manages the School’s Building Workshop and is instrumental in our renowned learning-by- making program. He works closely with students designing and constructing small building projects and ensures that safe work practices enable a supportive workshop environment open for student use. Robin actively keeps abreast of new technology innovations and software, particularly relating to digital manufacturing and the application of robotics in architecture.

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Dr Nathan Kotlarewski

Nathan is an Industrial Designer and a postdoctoral research fellow in the ARC Centre for Forest Value. He is particularly interested in advanced manufacturing technologies, digital design, design processes and sustainable products. His research and teaching focus on socially responsible product design and development for local and international markets, and promote research-led industrial design practice underpinned by prototyping to develop innovative applications of products in existing and emerging markets.

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Dr Georgia Lindsay

Georgia Lindsay is a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania. Her research focuses on the human experience of architecture, with a special interest in museums and other cultural buildings.

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Dr Helen Norrie

Helen teaches design studio and design research units in the Masters course, and makes guest appearances in history and theory and design studio units in the Bachelors course. She leads the Creative Exchange Institute’s Regional Urban Studies Laboratory (RUSL), an urban design research collaborative working with local councils across Tasmania. She has experience in architectural practices in Australia and the UK, and regularly contributes to architecture, design and art journals in Australasia.

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Dr Ceridwen Owen

Ceridwen teaches design studio and research units in the Masters course and leads specialized studios in her research area of inclusive design. This includes studios emphasising participatory practices, alternative mapping techniques and disABILITY. She is a registered architect (TAS) and partner with Core Collective Architects, with whom she recently completed a pro bono project for a children’s hostel in north India for the charity Tong-len.

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Dr Jacqueline Power

Jacqueline's research in interior architecture focuses on Australian Indigenous buildings and environments, while her research in product design includes cross-institutional collaborative projects to explore how design stories can facilitate product attachment. She primarily teaches design studio and research units in the Bachelor and Honours courses. Jacqueline previously worked in the Heritage Group of the NSW Government Architect's Office.

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Dr Mark Sawyer

Mark has worked professionally as an industrial designer, in architectural practice, and as an urban designer on city-scale projects. His broad skill base and ability to integrate technical fabrication skills, digital design and prototyping, theoretical knowledge, and conceptual design thinking benefits students at all levels.

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Dr Andrew Steen

Andrew is Course Coordinator of the Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments, and teaches units in the BABE and Master of Architecture courses. Andrew has three current academic interests: examining Modernist Architecture in Tasmania, in particular the design of company housing; developing a theory of architectural composition based on structural linguistics that can reframe heritage design; and exploring architectural design methodology using personas and other devices. In collaboration with external colleagues and the directors of MONA FOMA, Andrew is developing a community engagement project, using architecture as an ethnographer.

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Dr Louise Wallis

Louise teaches design studio units in the Bachelors course, with a focus on people and place and their relationship with design. This relates to her research into curriculum design and pedagogy in architectural education, especially design studio models, learning by making, designbuild and live projects for community clients, creativity and teamwork. She is also actively engaged in the pre-tertiary unit, Housing and Design, and is a member of the Learning Area Group for Technologies courses in Tasmania.

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