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Architecture & Design at the University of Tasmania offers degree programs in Architecture and Design.

Our students and graduates have outstanding success in winning national and international awards and scholarships.

Our Discipline is recognised as a centre for the teaching, research, design and construction of environments and artefacts that are:

  • socially responsive and responsible, and explore the interaction between design and inhabitation at different scales;
  • healthy, environmentally sensitive and encourage the users' well‐being;
  • addressing challenges of environmental changes, social and economic development, social agency and anticipatory planning and design;
  • enriching and are enriched by new information and technology; and
  • informed by an understanding of the changing role of design and emerging larger‐scale design questions around the relationships between the built environment, site and physical geography.

Our student cohort is made up of local, interstate and international students, both recent school leavers and mature age. The University of Tasmania encourages international student enrolment in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and around 35% of our School's cohort is made up of international students.

Architecture & Design maintains a healthy balance of international and local students. Approximately 30% of our students are international, bringing a rich mix of backgrounds and experiences from places including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, as well as Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Japan, Nepal and South Korea.

The Discipline particularly prides itself on its positive staff-student relationships, community atmosphere and cohesive student population that celebrates cultural diversity. Regular whole-of-School activities include design charrettes that bring all students and staff together across the various programs and year levels.

Augmented Reality Architecture

Architecture and Design is rapidly becoming a national leader in the field of mixed reality design, construction and education. Unlike virtual reality, mixed reality overlays the real world with digital information, in place and at full scale.

Mona Foma Soma

Sound Or Music Architecture, or Step Onboard Make Art, or Something Other than Mediocre Architecture SOMA is a mobile recording and performing space designed and built by University of Tasmania Architecture & Design students.