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The Castle

Client: Youth Futures and Studentworks
Budget: $25,000
Staff: Ian Clayton, Geoff Clark, Richard Burnham and Robin Green
Engineer: Rod Neville (Engineering Edge)
Duration: 14 days
One of our Castles.

The Castle is a long-term collaboration between the School of Architecture & Design and two local youth-service organisations. It is a project that assists youth at risk of homelessness by deploying micro-dwellings to households experiencing spatial and emotional distress.

The Castle is mobile, autonomous, spatially clever and capable of becoming home for a single occupant. The Castle explores sustainability from multiple perspectives: the benefits of student involvement in a community connected project, stand alone servicing, ‘leanness’ in timber construction and mass-customisation, therefore balancing the efficiencies of mass production whilst responding to the unique needs of each customer.

Three prototypes, designed and built by UTAS students, Studentworks and Youth Futures have resulted in a highly adaptive digitally cut plywood construction system called panitecture. A model kit has been produced to assist people to design their own version of The Castle.