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Bachelor of Arts | Make Theatre where Theatre is being Made | Study Theatre and Performance here

Theatre graduates performing in King Ubu, Mona Foma, Cataract Gorge.

Explore the best of contemporary theatre practice with the flexibility to combine complementary subjects – such as English, Creativity and Health, History, or Tourism – from over 30 study areas.

(Theatre and Performance)

Eligibility: Refer to entry requirements
Duration: 3 years min 7 years max
Location: Hobart and Launceston

Through critical and reflective engagement with performances, culture, history and theory, learn how to manage creative projects, lead collaborative processes, and develop other broadly transferable skills.

Develop practical technical and performance skills for the stage within wider artistic, social, political and environmental contexts.

Participate in acclaimed festivals like The Unconformity, Ten Days on the Island, or the Junction Arts Festival, as well as pursuing independent opportunities through a range of community and creative projects.

You’ll study at the Annexe; a dedicated, working theatre where students explore and develop foundational skills in Theatre and Performance through practice-based and collaborative learning.

Course Structure

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance major), you will need to successfully complete 24 units/300 credit points consisting of a Theatre and Performance major (8 units/100 credit points), Minor (4 units/50 credit points), Electives (12 units/150 credit points with at least 75 credit points at Advanced 300 level).

You can use Elective units to complete a second Major or Minor.

To find how the Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance) can be structured to suit your interests or ambitions, contact the UTAS information Centre
on 1300 363 864, via live chat or enquire online.

First Year 100 credit points (eight units x 12.5 credit points)

Semester 1

Elective Unit 1

Elective Unit 2

Second Major Unit 1
or Minor Unit 1

Semester 2

Elective Unit 3

Elective Unit 4

Second Major Unit 2
or Minor Unit 2

Second Year 100 credit points (eight units x 12.5 credit points)

Semester 1

Elective Unit 5

Elective Unit 6

Second Major Unit 3
or Minor Unit 3

Semester 2

Elective Unit 7

Elective Unit 8

Second Major Unit 3
or Minor Unit 3

Third Year 100 credit (eight units x 12.5 credit points)

Semester 2

Second Major Unit 5
or Elective Unit 9

Second Major Unit 6
or Elective Unit 10

Semester 2

Second Major Unit 7
or Elective Unit 11

Second Major Unit 8
or Elective Unit 12

Equivalent Entry

The University if Tasmania recognises a variety of alternatives to the ATAR for assessing a student’s eligibility for a course, and their capacity to succeed.

If you are intending to study Theatre & Performance in the Bachelor of Arts, but have questions or concerns about your eligibility, please contact us to discuss your options.

Dr Jane Woollard
Head of Theatre, Lecturer
School of Creative Arts and Media
+61 3 6324 4456

Dr Asher Warren
Lecturer in Theatre
School of Creative Arts and Media
+61 3 6324 4439


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