Asia Institute Tasmania

The JATNET 2019 Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest

Start Date

22 Oct 2019


University Centre | Stanley Burbury Theatre

The Asia Institute Tasmania is co-sponsoring the The JATNET 2019 Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest to be held at the University of Tasmania in October.

The competition to open to Tasmanian school students from years 3-6.

The Speech Contest aims to:

  1. Motivate students in their study of Japanese;
  2. Give students the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills before a panel;
  3. Encourage students to strive beyond the normal classroom requirements in the learning of Japanese;
  4. Generate publicity about the study of Japanese language in Tasmanian schools.

Further details on the enrolment process are available at JATNET.

JATNET Speech Contest Organisers would like to acknowledge The Japan Foundation Sydney, The Modern Languages Teachers' Association of Tasmania and the Asia Institute Tasmania - University of Tasmania for their ongoing sponsorship of this event.