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30th June 2017 - Workshop
Refugees, Resilience and Resettlement:  A strengths-based approach
Dr Jen Couch

This half-day workshop was facilitated by Dr Jen Couch, a senior lecturer in youth work at the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

In the humanitarian emergency of refugees forced displacement, the needs and struggles of the individual, family and community are broad and complex. Separation from friends and neighbours, disconnection from land, loss of home, psychical and psychological trauma and disconnection in a foreign environment are just a few of the challenges faced by two million forcibly displaced people.

However, despite this seemingly hopeless reality, young people settle in Australia with a range of resources and strengths. They have survived, adapted, been strong, resourceful, responsible and resilient.

Drawing on extensive experience in working with young people in protracted refugee settings, including the Thai Burma border and the Tibetan community in India, Jen Couch facilitated this half-day workshop to give participants a greater understanding of how to use a strength-based and trauma-informed practice in their work with young people from a refugee background. Throughout this workshop she focussed on the recognition of both trauma and resiliency and its impact in resettlement. Participants received a good understanding of how to confidently foster a safe and supportive environment when working with young people of refugee background.

This workshop was organised by the Centre for Applied Youth Research (CAYR) and sponsored by The Asia Institute Tasmania (University of Tasmania).

Jen workshop photos