Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

2020 Exam Alternatives


These are challenging times and the safety and wellbeing of our candidates, community and staff is our number one priority. We have altered our exam delivery until such time as normal, face-to-face exams may resume.

We have developed a host of recorded exam options for you to continue to undertake your exams throughout the year. AMEB has already been successfully trialling Recorded Repertoire exams in other states and we will now be pioneering a trial of Comprehensive and For Leisure exams. We're very excited about this as it offers great opportunity both for these challenging times, and also for the longer term benefit of students in regional and remote areas.

Syllabus Options

Repertoire Exams
This syllabus has been converted directly to Recorded Repertoire Exams.

Comprehensive Exams
Candidates may elect to convert to a Repertoire Exam or undertake a Recorded Comprehensive Exam.

For Leisure (Piano, Singing, Saxophone) Exams
We have developed a new For Leisure Repertoire syllabus for 2020. Candidates may elect to convert to a Recorded For Leisure Repertoire Exam or undertake the normal For Leisure Exam via recording. Available for free download are the new For Leisure Repertoire Syllabuses for Piano, Singing, and Saxophone.

Collaborative Piano Exams
Please contact the AMEB Tasmania office if you would like to continue with this exam - these exams will be offered via recording on a case-by-case basis. Due to the collaborative nature of the syllabus, recorded accompaniment will not be permitted. We recommend adhering to any relevant advice regarding physical distancing.

Old Piano Syllabus Exams
If you're still working on the Old Piano Syllabus, we've developed a Repertoire option for you as well. Candidates may elect to convert to a Recorded Old Syllabus Repertoire Exam or undertake their normal Piano (Old Syllabus) Exam via recording. For Repertoire exams, please follow the Repertoire Exam guidelines, with your existing pieces and select the Old Syllabus when you enrol then contact the office to let us know that you'll be preparing for an Old Syllabus Repertoire Exam. The Old Syllabus is due to conclude at the end of 2020 but may be extended for the early part of 2021 for extenuating cases due to COVID-19.

P Plate Piano Exams
We're offering Recorded Exams for this syllabus, too, following the format of a Recorded Repertoire Exam. Your family can even be your audience for your at-home performance! Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Diploma & Certificate of Performance Exams
In short, you can still do a Diploma level exam. This Recorded Exam will be via a hybrid recorded/online delivery to ensure candidates are best represented via good quality recording. Essentially, candidates will be required to record their pieces much like a Repertoire Exam. Once they've submitted their exam recording, we'll arrange a time with the Candidate and Examiners to meet online (via Zoom) to conduct the viva voce section of the exam.

Rockschool Graded Music Exams
A new syllabus has been developed to convert these to recorded exams: Graded Certificate Video Exams. The AMEB Federal website outlines this syllabus, including free downloadable syllabuses of the adapted Technical Exercises for each instrument here.
How this works: Enrol through Score. Once session enrolments close, we'll send you the information for how to upload your exam recording, as well as provide your details to Rockschool (in the UK). They'll be administering the assessment of your exam and you'll have four weeks from that time to undertake and submit your recording. We'll still provide your report through Score, as well as your certificate (in due course, where relevant).
Make sure you select the Video Exam option when you enrol.

Rockschool Performance Certificate Exams
A new syllabus has been developed to convert these to recorded exams: Video Performance Certificate Exams. The AMEB Federal website outlines this syllabus here.
How this works: Enrol through Score. Once session enrolments close, we'll send you the information for how to upload your exam recording, as well as provide your details to Rockschool (in the UK). They'll be administering the assessment of your exam and you'll have four weeks from that time to undertake and submit your recording. We'll still provide your report through Score, as well as your certificate (in due course, where relevant).
Make sure you select the Video Exam option when you enrol.

Rockschool Diploma Exams
The new Professional Diplomas are not only great, they're also fully online so you can sign up and start your Diploma today!

Rockschool Music Production Exams
These exams are already fully online so keep working towards your accreditation goal and enrol through Score when you're ready!

CPM Exams
Please call us to discuss how we can support you to convert your exam to the Rockschool syllabus and other options. We have also developed a recorded Repertoire option (pieces only with one additional Own Choice work required), mirroring those available to the classical instruments. Available for free download is the new CPM Repertoire Syllabus for all existing grades and levels. Added 22/5/20.

Speech & Drama Exams
A Recorded Exam option is available for the Drama & Communication Syllabus. Candidates may wish to adapt programs in preparation for Speech & Performance or Voice & Communication, or develop a new program.

Drama & Communication Exams
We are now able to offer a Recorded Exam for this syllabus. Please note that group enrolments will not be accepted and that duos are recommended to adhere to physical distancing advice. Please note that only Option 3 (Performance component only) will be available and, for Grades 5 and 6, Discussion and Improvisation sections will not be included in Recorded Exams.

Theory Exams
You're in luck - Music exams (both classical and Rockschool) are already available online and Seech and Performance Theory has just started with Grade 7. And, until June 30, we're offering the Theory of Music Courses (grades 1 to 3) for FREE. Sign up for yours through Score.


These documents are provided to assist you with your exam. They are intended as required reading and all Recorded Exam Guidelines must be adhered to.

Repertoire, For Leisure Repertoire, P Plate Piano, and CPM Repertoire Candidates: Download the Recorded Repertoire Exam Guidelines Updated 5/5/20.

Comprehensive, For Leisure, Piano Old Syllabus Candidates: Download the Recorded Comprehensive/For Leisure Exam Guidelines. Updated 5/5/20.

Rockschool Candidates: Download the Video Exam Guide.

Diploma and Certificate of Performance Candidates: Download the Recorded Diploma Exam Guidelines.

Drama & Communication Candidates: Download the Recorded Drama & Communication Exam Guidelines Updated 5/5/20.

Download the Recorded Exam Set Up Guidelines. Updated 5/5/20.

Take a test drive of the Example Comprehensive Recorded Exam Questions.

Download the How to Submit your Recorded Exam Guidelines. Updated 5/5/20.

Download the Supervisor Confidentiality Statement. Updated 5/5/20.

Check out this video on how to record your exam. Added 26/5/20.

If you're unable to work with a real human, accompaniment is a challenge. Please check out our brand new Teacher Handbook (COVID edition) for recommendations and licences we have obtained to make this process as easy (and legal) as possible if you're unable to access a live accompanist.

Need to provide a copy of your music? Check the Copyright Requirements and, if needed, provide this Copyright Declaration Form
Please note that this form usually only covers physical copies however, due to these extraordinary times, AMEB has worked with APRA  to extend the parameters of this Declaration to include digital copies for exam purposes. For more information, please contact APRA directly.


How do I enrol in a Recorded Exam?
Just as you would any other AMEB Tasmania exam - through Score. You'll find a handy button at the bottom of the page to take you straight there. We know that there are lots of variations right now so please do check the syllabus you're enrolling in. With the exception of Rockschool, you don't need to nominate a recorded exam specifically - we'll know that's your choice because it's the only option for the time being.

How can I swap to a Repertoire Exam if I'm already enrolled?
You can request this change through Score or contact us at the AMEB Tasmania office - we're here to help. There will be no fee associated with this change throughout 2020.

If I am preparing a selection of List D excerpts for my Repertoire Exam, do I need to perform them all in the recording?
No, you won't need to perform all of the excerpts. Please have a look at the Recorded Repertoire Exam Guidelines, where we have included a section of instructions for this unique component.

What happens if the technology fails for me and I am unable to complete my exam?
If you’re recording your Repertoire Exam, you may restart the recording once you have solved your technology issues.

If you’re undertaking a Comprehensive or For Leisure Exam, you must complete your exam in one sitting. We recognise that some things are beyond anyone’s control so, if you lose your internet connection and can not access the exam questions, or any other issue prevents you from completing the exam recording once you have opened the exam questions file, please contact the office so that we can organise an alternative.

What if my learning has been disrupted and I'm not ready?
Get in touch. We're offering options to defer your exam, or even transfer from a Comprehensive to Repertoire, without any admin or transfer fees during these difficult times.

How do questions like General Knowledge work if you don't know what pieces I'm performing?
While there are limitations on recorded exams, we're doing our best to replicate the normal exam environment. Candidates will be asked to look at their pieces and answer somewhat generic questions, with the expectation that they'll provide a response appropriate to their Grade and stage of learning. These may not all be directly applicable to the piece but the questions are designed so that the Examiner will still be able to assess the Candidate's knowledge.

How good does the recording quality need to be?
Good enough to convey the abilities, tone, and stylistic performances of the candidate. While we're not expecting recording studio-level quality, AMEB does reserve the right to request the Candidate to repeat the exam if the quality is insufficient for the purposes of assessing their capabilities.

What happens next? How do I know when to do my recording? What's the timeline?
After enrolments close, we'll send Account Holders an email to explain the process and ask for the best email address to send the exam questions to. Candidates will be given a two week window in which to undertake their exam recording, with a due date set within the exam session. Candidates who do not meet this deadline will be recorded as non attendance for their exam. Following the due date, we'll take one week to process and check exams, preparing everything for the Examiners. The Examiners will then assess the exam recordings in bulk, much like they would attend an exam day. Candidates should have their report within three weeks of their exam due date.

What is a PDF?
It’s a file type that was originally developed for its capability of being opened by any operating system, yet locked so no edits could be made. We’ve super-charged ours for this purpose by adding a password, self-destruct feature, and expiry date. We've included an example set of exam questions in the documents above.

Can I supervise my child/student's exam?
Yes. We require that all Supervisors are over 18. Where the supervisor is not the parent/guardian of the candidate, we expect that they will hold a valid Working With Vulnerable People Check.

As a Supervisor, can I read the exam questions to the Candidate?
Yes. Absolutely no problem with this, particularly for the younger Candidates who may not have advanced levels of reading. We do require you to read ONLY the instructions on the page and that this must be in English.

Can I use a page turner?
Yes. Physical distancing and isolation practices may make this a challenge so we do recommend setting yourself up to minimise or negate the need for a page turner as the first preference. Your Supervisor is permitted to be your page turner.

Will my certificate still be as valid as my other exams?
Yes. This process is stringently managed to ensure your exam result and accreditation will have exactly the same validity as a face-to-face exam.

Will I still be able to get extra TCE points for my Recorded Exam?
Yes. Recorded exams, including the new Repertoire options, are just as valid in their accreditation as a face-to-face exam so you'll still be eligible for points. Check out what's available here.

How do I find out more about the new syllabuses that are coming?
Sign up to our ENews and like our Facebook Page so that we can keep you up to date with everything. You can keep checking this webpage, too.

Are the fees the same for Recorded Exams as normal, face-to-face exams?
Yes. While some costs are reduced through recorded exams (such as staffing on the day and piano tuning), these are offset by the technology required to maintain confidentiality and integrity of the exam process, as well as increased administrative load. Fun fact: The main expense for exams is actually the Examiners' time - and this remains a fixed cost.

I still need help!
Please get in touch. While the world may be shutting down, we have diverted phones and set up shop in our homes. Dan and Michelle are here to help - please contact us.

Enrol for Recorded Exams via Score

The uncertainty that we’re all dealing with continues to require some crystal ball-gazing – a skill we’re yet to perfect! We’re remaining optimistic that face-to-face exams may be possible by the end of the year however we are realistic in preparing for all 2020 exams to be undertaken via recording. For anyone wanting to hold off until face-to-face exams resume, let us know and we’ll carry your exam fee over to the first available session without the usual fees and restrictions. For anyone preparing to undertake a Recorded Exam – these will be available throughout 2020, regardless of whether or not face-to-face exams will resume.